Why choose Us?

Why choose us?

``An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.`` - Benjamin Franklin

We are local. You are welcome to come and meet with us in person. We specialise in offering services primarily to Australian residents. You can choose whether you would like to hold your cryptocurrencies on Software Wallets or on your own physical Hardware Wallet which we can supply you with. These are much more secure than software wallets which, often are held with a broker. We can provide you with information regarding how to invest with your self-managed super fund.

Partnership with Global Exchanges

You may have heard stories in the media where people have bought cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but cannot sell. Or if you are trying to trade any reasonable kind of volume through these exchanges you may find yourself achieving poor average prices both on the buy and sell. This is generally due to a lack of liquidity with exchanges in Australia and New Zealand. See example of an Australian exchange market depth if you are a buyer:


Here is an example of market depth (Liquidity) in Bitcoin through another exchange. As you can see, the last traded price in this example was AU$23,250. If someone were to BUY just $40,534.61 worth of Bitcoin it would push the price up to $23,949 (around 3% higher).

Liquidity on the sell side (Open Buy Orders) can be much worse. So how do we get around this problem? How do we manage to put larger volumes through cryptocurrency markets, providing liquidity for both buyers and sellers, and ensure clients are enjoying reasonable average prices on their trades?

At Crypto Space Australia, we have partnered with one of the largest exchanges in Australia. When trades are executed through us, they are usually traded in blocks as institutional orders.  Investor funds are pooled for that particular cryptocurrency (e,g, Bitcoin) so we can get better spot prices as the market-maker will preference our trade over smaller ones. We then distribute the coins to our client’s subsequent wallets. The exchange we use  has access to global liquidity, meaning you can buy and sell your cryptocurrency quicker and easier.

Access To Popular Initial Coin Offers

As a Crypto Space Australia client, you will have access to popular Initial Coin Offers (ICO’s) that we participate in, as and when they become available. We will keep you updated as they come along.