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Trade Execution

We have partnered with an institutional cryptocurrency prime broker to facilitate trade execution for both retail and wholesale clients.

We strive to provide liquidity for clients on both the buy and sell side of the market, along with tighter spreads. Beware of prices quoted by online exchanges – many find the price quoted is only for a small amount of cryptocurrency. In some circumstances people find they cannot sell their cryptocurrency through the exchange they purchased it through. This is generally due to liquidity issues.

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Hardware Wallet

If you are just starting out in cryptocurrency you will require a wallet. We supply clients with Ledger Nano S hardware wallets and can assist with setup if needed.

We do not hold cryptocurrency on behalf of clients. Instead, cryptocurrencies are assigned directly to your hardware wallet, which stays with you. Once set up, these are assigned by plugging your hardware wallet into your computer. If you prefer to use a software wallet (not recommended for larger holdings) we can assign cryptocurrencies to these as well.

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Resources And Information

Are you unsure of how cryptocurrencies work or how they are traded? Feel free to read through the resources provided on this site or alternatively, drop us a line. We are more than happy to walk through the finer points of investing in cryptocurrencies.

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