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‘We Will Supply You With All Documentation To Get Started’

In order to get started trading through us we naturally require some documentation from you.

The documents we require are as follows:

Certified copies of identification totalling 100 points (i.e. passport or drivers license + medicare card);

Completed Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) documentation.

We will supply you with all documentation required to get started.

Why does Crypto Space Australia require my identification and completed AML/CTF documents?

As the cryptocurrency industry is somewhat new, there is limited framework in place in relation to required documentation from clients.

The team at Crypto Space Australia are made up of experienced financial advisers. Thus, we do things the same way as they would be done with any other financial services firm.

This helps protect both parties when eventually AUSTRAC, ASIC and the ATO begin to release legislation regarding cryptocurrencies.


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