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2 years ago
‘OK, I’ll say it: bitcoin is a scam,’ says the former CEO of PayPal and Intuit

Sounds a little bit jealous

Bitcoin has enjoyed a nice stretch lately, breaking through the $9,000 level on Tuesday and leading a broad advance in the crypto space, which has seen a $100-billion surge in market cap to $425 ... See more

2 years ago
Total Crypto Market Cap Hits 7-Week High At $400 Bln, BTC Holds Near $9K

Crypto markets see mixed greens and reds today, with BTC still holding near $9K and ETH moving past $630

2 years ago
Timeline Photos

To the moon we go! #altseason

2 years ago
Ethereum Is More Decenralized Than Bitcoin, Study Shows | CryptoGlobe

A professor from Cornell university revealed at the Genesis London Conference that the university had conducted a study to examine and analyze the decentralization of the top two cryptocurrencies ... See more

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